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Belek news

Belek news for travelers

Belek news section offers features like lively discussions on topics ranging from current events and Belek issues to the environment, art, music and culture. You can post announcements and more.

Belek news cover many diffrent areas. From travel information to business and community news.

Travelers can discover news about hotels, tours, restaurants, sport facilities as well as prices or weather forecasts.

Before any vaction planning, the Belek news section should be a must to read.



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Belek news - about hotels

Find Belek hotels accommodation, on the island of your choice, in the all island hotel search.  Select the Belek hotels you are interested in and then you can compare the features and prices or view the individual hotel's photo galleries.

No matter what hotels offer, you'll find that different locations can bring a lot to your stay in hotels, resort, or villa.

Even the most upscale hotels will each have their own style and flair, which should be considered before making a choice. When looking for the perfect hotels to design your dream vacation in, these descriptions may provide just what you need.



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Belek news - be always the first to know

The Belek region, which was declared a tourism zone in 1990 and promoted as the place with the best and most dense forests in the Antalya region, has been subject to deforestation as a result of the golf boom in the region. Two photographs revealed by the Turkish Nature Preservation Association (TTKD), taken in 2005 and 2007, illustrate just how severely the development of the golf courses have eradicated the forests in the past two years. Turkey’s Sabah newspaper reported that the trees were planted in the region in the 1960s. “The Belek Muhafaza Forest, which was developed over 30 years, was opened to tourism in the 1990s. Since then, 45 hotels and six golf courses have already been built, while plans for more golf courses are next,” Sabah’s report said. The report also added that the Belek forest started to disappear after the allocations made to the tourism industry by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Tourists in Antalya have discovered an interesting way to cool down and enjoy fresh air during the hot summer months: traveling to the summit of Tahtalı Mountain via Europe's longest one-piece aerial cableway. Located not too far from the tourist towns of Göynük, Kemer and Tekirova, the aerial cableway, which climbs 380 meters above the ground at some points, offers passengers an exciting trip; the aerial cableway serves as bridge between hot and cold weather. Temperature have started to increase with the coming of June, and just about everyone has started mulling over how they will cool down during the muggy and hot summer season. Some plan to turn their air conditioners on and stay at home while others plan to go to the beach or relax by a pool. Like every year, this year will witness people trying out various methods to cool down. According to a leading British tour operator, Turkey has knocked Spain off the top spot in terms of being the most popular summer holiday destination for Britons in 2008.This may not seem so significant, until one remembers that Spain had dominated that top spot for the past 30 years. It seems that the appeal of Turkey is rising and rising and in the words of the Association of British Travel Agents, Turkey is enjoying "spectacular growth," according to Rhiannon Davies from Shelter Offshore, an online publication. The World Travel and Tourism Council predicts that Turkey's period of growth has really only just begun. They predict that over the coming decade the rate of growth in the tourism sector will reach at least 5 percent annually, which is fantastic news for a nation that is already seeing its economy go from strength to strength.



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